Founded in 1998 by Christian Winkley, Oxford Builders, LLC, is a family-run custom building firm located in the historic West End of Hartford, Connecticut. Dedicated to exceptional customer service and a high quality product, Oxford Builders marries attention to detail with extraordinary vision to make every project picture perfect.


Christian Winkley

During his formative years, Christian and his family lived in and renovated eight old houses in six years; each time moving on to the next house just as renovations came to an end. It was in this environment that he discovered his love for architecture and building. From the start, he innately understood the importance of getting the structural proportions just right regardless of the style of house. He saw how the smallest details can make the biggest impact. Nurturing this early love, he worked summers and school vacations with master carpenters and masons learning all that he could.

Christian graduated with a B.A. from Colby College and then continued on to the University of Connecticut School of Law. It was during his initial year at law school that Christian formed what is now Oxford Builders. As his business took off, demands on his time grew greater, and after much deliberation, he made the decision to forego a law degree and pursue his dream of building. He has never looked back once.


Kate Winkley

After many years of working in the legal field, Kate switched gears in 2003 and joined Oxford Builders. Taking on the official role of Office Manager and Project Coordinator, she brings her considerable organizational and communication skills to the table; talents highly valued and enjoyed by everyone, but most especially by our clients.

Although always interested in architecture and interior design, it is through her work with Oxford Builders that Kate has discovered a dormant talent for such work. As in the office, she pays attention to the finer details in the field to ensure the successful completion of each and every project creating a compliment to Christian’s workmanship.

If Christian is the soul of Oxford Builders, Kate is the heart. Together they are a formidable team that will get your job done right.